Art of Islay

The Art of Islay


Every Whisky-lover knows it:

The Isle of Islay has a very special place in Whiskyland


 Raw, intense, peaty, to warm you on a cold winterday,

yet complex and sometimes delicate and subtile



Look, Feel, Smell… Experience Islay! 


85  ’An Auld Acquaintance’ ‘ Size: 60×60 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD


84.  ’Islay Stills”  ’ Size: 120×40 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

can you find all the great distilleries?


83.  ’Shortie knows Best’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

81. ‘It’s that Islay feeling’   size: 90×70 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media   in stock – €. 350,–

76. ‘Nightcap at Islay’  Size: 80×60 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media   in stock – €. 295,–




76. A Wee Dram of Laphroaig  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media    SOLD


75. The Dark Side of Islay  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD


70.Take Shortie to The Stills        &.         71. The Spirit of ISlay   Size: 50x50cm   SOLD

piece nr. 70 is currently part of my exhibition at the NH Hotel Schiphol Airport – check out for more info




69. My favourite 18 years old- part 1 & w  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD




63.   Memories of Laphroaig.2015 Size: 100x70cm      Techniek:Acryl on Canvas     SOLD



62. Making Some Dramned Good Whisky!      Size: 150x50cm      Techniek: Mixed Media    SOLD




61. Islay Threesome      Size: 3x 60x60cm      Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD

a special request


56. Sunset at Islay     Size: 90x30cm       Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD


64. Just Another Great Islay Malt   Size: 50x50cm      Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD


57.  My own little piece of Islay     Size: 50x50cm      Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD

Laphroaig 4

 10. Up in Smoke   size: 90x70cm   Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD



9. I just love That Islay Spirit  size: 150x50cm Techniek: Mixed Media   Sold

!warning: contains traces of ash, sand, burnt sugar, seaweed, peat and very smoky Islay Malt!



 8. OMG! I’m in Bunna-Heaven    Size:  80 x 60 cm      Techniek:  Mixed Media   in stock – €. 295,–

Archives managed to capture some Bunnahabhains, decorated them with their beautiful Fishes of Samoa-labels and delilvered a fantastic malt:

OMG, I must be in the Bunna-heaven! As mr. Valentin already mentioned in one of his stunning reviews: Archives’  Bunna is Fine, Very Fine! 



                           7. The Islay Experience  Techniek:  Mixed Media   size:  100 x 70 cm   SOLD


AHHH! This is what whisky is all about!  Smell, taste, feel, experience, ENJOY

When you look carefully you can find all the great Islay distilleries in this painting, even when they are long gone..

Check out the beautiful picture of the long gone Port Ellen distillery, the shiny Ardbeg-stills,  the brand new Kilchoman bottles:

the very best of all the legendary Islay-distilleries like Bunnahabhain, Laphroaig, Bowmore and then some…



6-1,2,3: Ardbeg Threesome position nr.1,2&3  Techniek: Mixed Media*Afm. ca 40x40cm each 

                           *) beware: painting contains traces of vanilla, ash, charcoal, chocolat, coffee and a damn good dram of Ardbeg


       17.1  Ardbeg 3Some Position nr. 1                         17.2   Ardbeg 3Some Position nr. 2 SOLD                17.3   Ardbeg 3Some Position nr.3 SOLD


                        5. The Peat Project         Techniek:  Mixed Media  afmeting:  150 x 50 cm   SOLD

This is how they do it!     I tried to capture the spirit of Islay in all its layers by mixing the paint with coffee, ash, charcoal,  burned

sugar, chocolat and ofcouse a great heavily peated whisky, either in the paint or even captured in a real bottle to please the angels.. 

and it is a really good one, I can assure you!



            16. Titel: An evening with Laphroaig  Techniek: Acryl with a dash of Laphroaig  Afm.: 100 x 70 cm.  SOLD


 The current availabillity may vary!

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