Let’s Get Personal: your own special request!

Let’s Get Personal




Searching for a truely unique piece of Art?


Do you have a passion, a BIG love?


Perhaps tht ONE special kind of Whisky?

That special place? That special person?

Your favourite sport? Your own fantasy?

That one song that gives you the chills?


artwork for festivals, unique signs, a special gift, your own label?


Tell me what you want and I can paint you your own picture!


Custom Made Mixed Mixed Media Art


for information and prices please contact me at whisky.arts@gmail.com


all cask-ends are €.285,–, with or without iron frame.

Whisky-Arts paintings are priced by their size: ‘ length + width in cm x 2.2’ 

all pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind, but if there is an artwork in my own 

collection that  you really really like, I can make you a similar one!

Fully customised: in your own favourite colours, with your own favourite distillery 

and even with your own photo’s and images on it! 


the following pictures  might give an impression of what’s possible - these painings are all made on special request: