Single Malt Collection 50×50 cm


A collection of the best Single Malts and true Collectors items

all made in size 50×50 cm, to make them beautiful, accessable and affordable

it’s all about Whisky: the palet, the complexity tht is hidden in al those different layers, the diversity

All the different components that create a unique piece of artwork

Get yourself a real Whisky-painting: every piec contains a fair amount of great Single Malt,

added to the paint or mixed with pigments.. all to capture the character of the spirit 

Tell the story of the spirit, it’s not just a bottle, it’s an experience 






92 ‘ The Devil Made Me Do It’   Siza: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–

91 ‘Islay Gold’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–

90 ‘Cry Wolf!’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–

89. ’Fly me around Elgin’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–

88.’Cat on an Old Thin Roof’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–



87. ‘Revival of the Dram’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–

86.  ’Still Some Roses’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.225,–

85.  ’Closing Time’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD



83.  ’Shortie knows Best’  ’ Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

82.  ’My favourite Cup of Tea’  ’ Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

77. ‘A Garden Full of Rosebank’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  in stock – €.225,–


74. Bring on the Storm!  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD



7x. A Wee Dram of Laphroaig  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD


72. Autumn at Islay  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD


71. Treasure of the Speyside   Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD



68. Arran- The Isle and the Birds   Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

66. The Spirit of Independence Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  private collection



65.Enjoy it while it Lasts    Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD



64. Just Another Great Islay Malt    Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD


 54. The Eagle Has Landed   Size:50x50cm  Techniek: Mixed Media   private collection

53.  Where did That Old Cat go?   Size:50x50cm  Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD



22. Dramned Good Medicine  size: 50x50cm  Techniek: Mixed Media    SOLD


25:  The Classic Malt of Islay.1  Size: 50x50cm Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD




23. All That Remains      Size: 50x50cm.     Techniek: Mixed Media    SOLD



20. The Great Journey    Size: 50x50cm   Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD



                          19. The Laddie in Blue part 2    Size: 50x50cm   Techniek: Mixed Media    SOLD



                         18. A Bow to Islay Malt       Size: 50x50cm.     Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD


17. Love that Islay Spirit!  size: 50x50cm Techniek: Mixed Media     in stock – €. 225,–



16. Whatever Happened to that Old Cat?   size: 50x50cm Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD



 15. The House of the Spirits size: 50x50cm Techniek: Mixed Media    In stock – €.225,–


14. One more Dram before Closingtime   size: 50x50cm Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD


13. Titel: The Dark Origin of  SM  Techniek: Mixed Media   Afm. 50×50 cm.   in stock – €.225,– 



 12. The Nectar of the Gods .2    Techniek: Mixed Media   Size: 50×50 cm.  in stock – €.225,– 



11.  Freya-  The Garden of the Goddess.2   Techniek: Mixed Media   Size: 50×50 cm.  SOLD