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  My latest project: Bring in the Barrels!

 Barrels  ca. 60cm (with or without original iron frame) 

please check the page ‘bring in the barrels’ om this website or email me

for current availability and/or your own custom-made caskend




Barrel 22 & 23 ‘From the Archives’. app, 60cm  (no frame) €. 285,– each


92 ‘ The Devil Made Me Do It’   Siza: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–


91 ‘Islay Gold’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–


90 ‘Cry Wolf!’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–



89. ’Birds at Elgin’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,-


88.’Cat on an Old Thin Roof’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–

87. ‘Revival of the Dram’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–



86.  ’Still Some Roses’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–



85.  ’Closing Time’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  €.220,–

84.  ’Islay Stills”  ’ Size: 120×40 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

can you find all the great distilleries?




83.  ’Shortie knows Best’  ’ Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

82.  ’My favourite Cup of Tea’  ’ Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD


81. ‘It’s that Islay feeling’  ’ Size: 90×70 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  in stock



79.’Karuizawa – Miss 1971′ Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  in stock

78. ‘Blue Blue BB’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media   in stock

- modern icons serie –




77. ‘A Garden Full of Rosebank’  Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  in stock


75. The Dark Side of Islay  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD




74. Bring on the Storm!  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD



73. The Joker  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  in stock



72. Autumn at Islay  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media   in stock




71. Treasure of the Speyside   Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

         70. Islay Storm          &           71. The Spirit of Islay

  Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media    in stock




68. Arran- The Isle and the Birds   Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD



67. Karuizawa- The Ghost & The Sea   Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

66. The Spirit of Independence Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  private collection



65.Enjoy it while it Lasts    Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD



64. Just Another Great Islay Malt    Size: 50x50cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  in stock

62. Making Some Dramned Good Whisky!      Size: 150x50cm      Techniek: Mixed Media     in stock


61. Islay Threesome      Size: 3x 60x60cm      Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD

a special request




60. The Angel’s Share      Size: 60x60cm      Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD



58. I just love this 1972     Size: 50x50cm      Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD

made on special request



 55. Trainspotting     Size:60x60cm       Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD

custom made on special request



50.  Pride Of Mother Sea size: 50x50cm Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD

a special request- custom made






 The current availabillity may vary!

To check if your favourite piece is  still in stock, prices or to get 

information about your own custom made cask-end or any question you have

please email me at whisky.arts@gmail.com