Whisky Art




Every piece of art that you are about to see is unique:

the one thing they have in common is a fair amount of good Whisky!


Sit down, relax, take your time and enjoy 

like it is your favourite Single Malt





82.  ’My favourite Cup of Tea’  ’ Size: 50×50 cm    Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

65.The Monarch of the Glen. . Size: 50x50cm      Techniek: Mixed Media   SOLD



60. The Angel’s Share      Size: 60x60cm      Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD



 59. Just Give Me Bow-more      Size: 90x70cm      Techniek: Mixed Media     in stock – €. 350,–

58. I just love this 1972     Size: 50x50cm      Techniek: Mixed Media     SOLD

custom made on special request

74. Bring On The Storm  size: 50x50cm.  Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD




3.1 A Dram for the Ducks size:50×50 cm. Techniek: Mixed Media  in stock – €.225,–

Beware! Contains & a good bit of Whisky Fassle Single Malt




2. For reasons not even science can wholy explain     size:120x40cm.   SOLD

 Mixed Media & a bottle of 25yo Macallan Anniversary Malt   

(sorry, the bottle is empty)



1.  Titel: The Tale of King Alexander.3 Techniek: Mixed Media  Afm.50×50   in stock – €.225,–

This piece is currently part of my exhibition at the NH Hotel Schiphol Airport – check out ww.booart.nl for more info


Dalmore’s finest! This painting tells the legend of this royal whisky:

the palet reminds me of a forest in the early summer-morning: wet leafs, a bit moshy, yet full of fruits,

red fruits, blueberries, citrus… But also ginger, woodchops, a herbal finish..

Warm, comforting and sweet, but also surprisingly complex, build of subtile layers

Perhaps its the maturation in six different barrels? I do like it!



15. The House of the Spirits size: 50x50cm Techniek: Mixed Media  SOLD

13. Titel: The Dark Origin of  SM  Techniek: Mixed Media   Afm. 50×50 cm.  in stock – €. 225,–



 The current availabillity may vary!

To check if your favourite piece is  still in stock, prices or to get 

information about your own custom made cask-end or any question you have

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